Thursday, October 7, 2010

picking forms

This is a fun little exercise. For our first week of figure invention class, we went over drawing cartoon heads. I had the students break a cartoon head down into simple forms, but you can do it for anything. Try taking any object and breaking it down into simple forms. There are no right or wrong forms, but try to stick with just a ball and cylinder if you can, and a box if you feel like you have to. Try to break the same image down a few different ways. Then try to move the forms and draw the image from a new angle. As you get more advanced, you can start using more complex forms like a jelly bean shape, or more organic looking forms.

The key is not to try to connect them. Just float them next to each other. You can always connect and interlock them later.


  1. Thanks. It is nice to have a reminder that the construction shapes are at the artist's discretion.

    I've been reading "Drawing Lessons by the Great Masters" and he stresses that, too.