Monday, November 22, 2010

What you see vs what you know

I've been posting a lot of quick sketches and gesture drawings. I've been going out on Saturdays if anyone is in the LA area and wants to join, hit me up on facebook. I usually post where we go. anyways, there is a difference between copying what you see, like in a long pose, and modifying a memorized version of things in a quicksketch. the best way to explain it would be in facial features. I have a set of memorized eyes, noses, ears, etc. I don't copy the person in front of me, but say they have a large or small nose, I draw my memorized nose small or big. I also try to push any ideas I might see further. The reason I do this is, sometimes the person is riding by on a bike, or moving and you want to catch a quick pose, so it's good to not be looking at them for the stuff, but just the pose. Then you can glance once, get the gesture and then just sit and draw your drawing

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Visit to Cal Arts

I recently went to visit cal arts and talk a little. Here are some photos. What an awesome school. People just hanging out in the hallways playing music. Art all over the walls, and I don't mean just drawings, but people just going nuts and trying to create art. It's a very inspiring environment and all the students are really motivated. Personally I think anyone can learn to draw by just studying, but to be able to have a creative environment like that is something that you just have to see.

Monday, November 1, 2010


This week in class we are going over hands. here is just a tiny bit of what we will go over in class. These are just concepts, I don't actually draw this analytically and step by step. This is more what I think about. I don't think there is any one good way to draw, it's just whatever works for you.

Flour sack