Saturday, February 27, 2010

Draw over for Jim Mortensen

So, Jim sent in the first one. He did some really nice designs here. I'll just take one and show the principle. Just go through your drawing and check every line and shape. Then, I would try posing the characters out to get into gesture and story.


  1. I've got to ask... why red for good and green for bad. Isn't it typically the other way around (red-lining) or is your scheme a norm in the art world that I just don't know about? Good stuff, Jim, see you at work on Monday :)

  2. absolutely no reason. I just like the color red and don't like the color green. Something interesting I found out from a vis dev painter is you typically wouldn't put red and green in the same painting because green has blue and yellow, and then your painting would have all three primary colors. Having all three colors will make your painting garish. This is probably why I don't like to use green, because I'm always using red.

  3. You have me looking for good and bad shapes all over my drawings now. Thank you!

    Jim did a really swell job to begin with. I'm sure he appreciates the input that makes it even better.

  4. wow.. hmm.. now I don't know what to feel..i'm excited I could get drawing tips from you!!(if possible) but scares me at the same time! feels like all my drawings are faulty now!..
    but seeing this post (and this blog)I got this good kick that I want to learn more!
    Thanks a lot for this wonderful blog!!

  5. Hey Rad -

    Thanks so much for the notes. They all make a great deal of sense, and give me a great starting off point for looking for improvements.