Saturday, February 27, 2010

drawing tips

I want to try and do something. The best way I've found to learn is to try something and then show it to a teacher. Usually the teacher will draw on top and show me how to do things differently. So, if anyone wants to send in a drawing, I can show you guys how to look at your drawing and apply gesture form overlap and design principles to your drawing. I'll post the examples on the blog here. So, send in some stuff.



  1. Hey Rad,
    that's really awesome Thanks so much

    Mahesh :)

  2. you can use any drawings on my blog!

  3. Brilliant sir!! Thanks for your willingness to help! Take a look at this one I did a few weeks ago. I tried to put an emphasis on foreshortening but messed it up badly. Any advice you can give'd be much appreciated:

  4. Hey Rad,
    Love the site... It is a tremendous resource! Don't know if you're planning to do any more draw-overs, but if you do, I'd love for you to do one using something from my site.