Saturday, February 27, 2010

Draw over for Purna

If you want to know more about figure drawing, I would highly recommend you take Kevin Chen, Rick Morris, Charles Hu, or Kirk Shinmoto. My information in this subject is just a poor version of what they can do.


  1. This is really great Rad. I always think that the simple form is not the final form. You need to at the bumps. The simple form is there to help you add those bumps.
    I hope I get some time to send you some drawing. I'm really curious what you'd think.

  2. I'm studying anatomy from the note from your sidebar link and just understand the meaning of the form idea here. Your understanding in drawing principle is amazing. Thank you a million for the note.

  3. I have honestly drawn at least an hour every day for the past few months and was having real trouble grasping where to go and what I was missing. These lessons have clarified so much and really helped with my overall understanding of drawing. I can't thank you enough for posting them.

  4. Hey man. Another exercise I agree with. Taking ones favourite 'mastered' artist is always a great way to warm up, learn from and also helps finding your own sense of style and taste.

    Thanks for sharing your notes.

  5. Thanks for this and all the other posts up on this blog, it's a great resource and totally appreciated. It is hard to learn this stuff on your own, but sites like this make it a lot easier.