Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Paul Wee teaching at LAAFA

Paul Wee is one of the best figure drawing artist I have ever seen and he's teaching at LAAFA this next term. I already signed up! Hopefully I will see some of you there.


  1. he's definitely great! Wish i could take his class. someday.

    Rad, you also mentioned an artist that you worked with that you felt was the best you've ever seen. who was this artist?

  2. Gcastro3d: which post was it? I throw that term around a lot when referring to people in a certain level of draftsmanship. Chris Sanders, Alesandro Carloni, Marcelo Vignali, Nico Marlet, and so on. There are certain people in the industry that are just miles out ahead of the rest of us in drawing ability. They are very few and far between and I would put Paul in that category.

  3. Hey Rad, i found the post.

    "One of my friends at work, who is one of the best artist in the world in my opinion, said when he started at Disney, his mentor had him trace Disney drawings in this manner in 10-15 seconds or less. He said he had a breakthrough and got way better over night."


  4. His name is Tom Owens, he has no blog and you can't find any of his work anywhere. there are like 3 story board drawings of the back of a characters head in the new "how to train your dragon" art of book, but they could make a book of just his storyboards.