Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Alice studies

Just thought I would post one of my afternoon studies. I just got "Alice in Wonderland". My favorite disney artists are Ward Kimball and Fred Moore. I love how everything is flowing, rhythmic, and appealing. There were other artist who were better animators, and even better draftsmen, but I don't think any of them had the appeal that Fred and Ward had.


  1. Hey Rad - thanks so much for your blog! I have started doing some very similar studies in the last few months as even though I have been working in the animation industry for a while - drawing is fun, but a very tough struggle to get what I want down on paper.
    So I have been studying the Andrew Loomis books for the last 4 months and re-learning what I though I had learnt (but hadn't!!)

    Really like the way you break down the Disney frame grabs - this is something I am going to start to do as well.
    Thanks again for the tips and studies - always a pleasure to see someone else going through the same things and pushing their work further.
    Speak soon!

  2. Hi Rad, how are you?

    I have a trouble that frustrated me a lot.

    I don't have much difficulty to copy disney, pixar or other animation cartoons (of course it doesn't perfect, but is good), but when I sit in someplace with my book and want think in something to draw I can't think in nothing and the draws are really bad.

    When I create a story for a comic it's easier, but nothing compared to the copies.

    It's normal? I only need copy more drawing and one day I can create something from my mind?

    Thanks for the help and sorry for the bad english!

  3. Gustavo: The short answer is that you have to study and draw every day for about 8 hours a day for about 5 years before it starts to get a little easier. You have to put in the time and not just draw random stuff, but actually actively study, find classes to take etc.

  4. Hey Rad!!! great to meet you and what a cool blog!!! love it!!

  5. Hey Rad! Thank you so much for this aid. I have been on and off learning how to draw since about three years and just had my first "click" after applying your tips on how to draw quickly. Finally! I was worried since drawing was supposed to be fun, but it seemed more like a fight to me. Now there is hope :)