Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Straight Lines

These drawings were done at the Wednesday night figure drawing session at Gallery Nucleus. I was practicing something I learned in Paul Wee's class. He had us start with perfectly straight lines to get all the placement. For instance, you would draw a line from the head and follow it to see what else it hits. Much like this Andrew Loomis example


  1. so it's creating a clear referance point/points? Looks like a helpful tip for drawing from life, especially for something without much structure. Thanks!

  2. Hey Rad, if possible could you give a more detailed tutorial on this. I haven't quite got a hang of this (Dumb me! :( )

  3. Sami: I literally just draw straight lines. Try drawing with all straight lines and following to see what they hit on the figure. You can even hold your pencil out to see what they are hitting on the model. After that, I draw the forms and the anatomy, but it's more likely to be in the correct spot.