Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Finished background design

So here is the final set. you can see how I changed the color around and modified the props. I never set anything in stone. There is always room for inspiration. I try to keep things very organic, in character design, comics, and storyboards. I also picked a down shot for this new location establishing shot because down shots are creepy and they are at a witches house. At the beginning of the comic, I used round shapes. The kids head and glasses are round. his desk, window, etc. Then the second kid shows up with triangles and a little bit of danger comes into the friendly round shapes. Here at the witches house, I tried to incorporate more triangles as the comic gets more dangerous.


  1. This is awesome! Thanks for posting it. I love the colours and style, it's lovely.

  2. great stuff, rad. really helpful

  3. wicked. Organic is the way to go because you never know...with the right timing an artist may stumble across exactly what they need to create something better than before.

  4. This witch does have style! And a live-in maid! It's like a well-lit, very clean goth club for kiddies in L.A. I can see the furnishings, even the careful bone vignette for sale on Melrose...

  5. Oh, yeah!!!! I forgot to mention your intelligent perspective; I keep going back to look at it...

  6. wow really beautiful layout. Love how it looks!

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