Friday, May 21, 2010

"From Life Drawing to Cartooning" class at LAAFA

I will be teaching a class on how to make the transition "from life drawing to cartooning", or drawing from your head, at LAAFA this summer on Sundays from 1:30-4:30. The summer term starts July 6th. This class will be extremely valuable for anyone who wants to be a storyboard, or comic book artist. Feel free to post any questions here.

Here is a link to the summer brochure


  1. I'm really interested in this class Rad! I think its a great idea. I can't find any specific information about it online yet. Do you know how long it will go on for (how many weeks) or the price yet? Thanks!

  2. Michael: hey man, I added a link to the summer brochure.

  3. I REALLY wish I could take this. I've been looking for a class like this in Chicago. It's a great idea and I hope it is well attended.

  4. Hi Rad,

    I'm thinking about taking this class but had a question. I see through the school site that there are no prerequisites for the class. I was curious if the class is more of a beginners class or if it would be beneficial to someone who has drawing experience. I've taken a good amount of life drawing but still struggle to draw convincingly from imagination and make that transition from life to cartoon. I was wondering if you'd suggest the class for me.

  5. Angela: I'm going to explain everything, so if you have no experience, it should still make sense.

  6. Looks like I found out about this class after it started. Will you be giving it again in the future? If so, I'm there!