Thursday, May 13, 2010

More torso stuff

Someone asked how to find the ribcage:


  1. Rad, would you recommend we copy these? or just analyze them and apply them to our own studies of torsos? or both?


  2. gcastro3d: I learn everything by copying. I spend a few hours every morning doing copy studies. I try to take this type of information and apply it as well. See if you can turn a real photo or drawing into something you can understand like this.

  3. do you have any tips for finding the large mass that's supposed to be the ribs? im having trouble finding out where it "starts and ends" if that makes any sense...

  4. Wow, that was super helpful. Now I want to draw superheroes so I can put this knowledge to work!

  5. Mokou: I added a little explanation on how to find the ribcage.

  6. thank you rad thats exactly what i needed!!

  7. Many thanks Rad. Much of the instructions you give simply can't be found anywhere else, and you explain everything most lucidly.

  8. Whoa WICKED stuff Rad, thank you so much for these.

  9. I love your diagrams Rad, and they're incredibly helpful. They have a really nice solid feel and the way everything clicks together like a puzzle make memorizing muscles and structure much easier. You don't have any handy hints regarding feet at all do you ? Thanks.


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