Saturday, May 1, 2010

new term at CDA

You can sign up for my class now at Concept Design Academy. I also recommend taking my friend Leighton Hickman's landscape painting class.


  1. Jonathan: No, they are in Pasadena California.

  2. It seems to be so cool =D
    I'm Brazilian haha, no way for me
    But I'll wait for an online class =D
    Did you receive an e-mail that I send you some weeks ago?

  3. This is Jen--I was in Kevin's figure drawing class last term, though I think we only spoke a few times. I'm really looking forward to taking your class! See you in June.

  4. Jonathan: I try to respond to all my emails, so it must have gone to my junk mail.

  5. Jen: I look forward to having you in the class.

  6. I´m al the way in the Netherlands! Please send me a mail too if you have online classes :D


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