Thursday, December 10, 2009

drawing girls


  1. fantastic, thanks rad!
    if you get a chance, swing by my blog, i did my 1st drwing thinking about "good" shapes...

  2. It's really great!
    I think you know what makes good drawings.
    Please don't stop posting these useful notes.

  3. Great drawings marco, I can see a lot of improvement.

    J Kim: thanks for the feedback. I'll keep posting

  4. This is great Rad. If you could sometime do a bit more on constructing women, it would be very much appreciated. I have a very hard time locating the breasts and the crotch properly.

    I've gone through all your posts and I'm going to try quite a few of these exercises, so I hope that helps me as well.

    Thanks for all the great info!

  5. I sketch all the time, and always have brain farts about where certain body parts are located. Your blog is fantastic and has already helped me figure out a lot of my issues! Thanks SO MUCH for taking the time to put these together!