Thursday, December 17, 2009

why I break the figure into 3 parts


  1. so do you think when we are copying films, should we start with a gesture? start with the general 3 parts and then work our way back to the specific? gesture, construction, good lines, details? i feel like i'm trying to either do too much at once or focusing only on one area and neglecting the rest...
    thanks man, these are great.

  2. Hi Rad, just wanted to thank you for your truly helpful blog. Many people in the industry preach that the "Disney way" is among the best, but few actually break it down the way you have. Great job! Also @ Marco, I wouldn't consider myself great by any means but I find it's helpful to do a "shape-based" gesture when I start (that is, the overall shape that has a flow). I think Rad mentioned it earlier, but form is more of a background thing, something that you need to think about but that doesn't necessarily show up at the end product. It helped me when I realized that because I went to art school that only emphasized tubes and boxes but never said how to get a good finish from it. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Also, Rad, if you continue with these, I was wondering if you had some tutorials on specific facial features, especially eyes. They are always a problem for me. Thanks again!


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