Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How I draw comics

I start with a thumbnail pass where I just work out the main compositions and acting.

Next I do a rough pass. The most important part is to incorporate your text into the composition. I always put the text in before I start drawing. Make sure you design your text bubbles with enough white space around the letters. I also turn off my rough layer and check the thumbnail to make sure I didn't loose the head tilts and the pose as I draw.

I like to work out all the props and characters as much as I can before I hit the drawing, but I didn't have time to figure out this gun. I'll probably do a finished color drawing of it on another page and then come back and redraw it. After that, I'll go to color, I might make slight modifications to the drawings, or even clean them up a little, but the more I clean them up. the worse they tend to get. For the most part, I'll go straight from this to the color.


  1. fun-tastic! love the roundy shapes.
    this should going to www.artboxforum.com

  2. this post is really cool! I love seeing the process just as much as I love seeing the finished piece. Thank you!