Friday, January 8, 2010

cat girl demo

After I went to color, I decided to change some of the shapes and make her feet smaller.


  1. great! do you start with the gesture or the radiating lines?

  2. You are a crazy man Rad... like Ricky Gervais would say: you're mental :D

  3. Marco: Definitely with the radiating lines. Especially with complicated perspective. Notice how I wasn't too careful with the ones in the actual sketch. I like to just guess at them, so I can move them around as I draw. I may decide to move the perspective around and I don't want to be bound to them. You can kind of see where I erased and redrew them later.

    Xav, you are the crazy man. I wish my girls were half as pretty as the ones you draw.

  4. very comprehensive, I can see the kids adding depth in no time.

    good work, I tip my hat to you


  5. I'm enjoying your Posts so far, Rad..

    The radiating lines that form a helpful grid, is something I've often encouraged on 'The Drawing Board' forum, myself.
    And like you say, this is still just a loose sketch.. But I think it always helps to 'set' the Perspective correctly from the outset. I've never enjoyed having to "fix" stuff, after the fact.

    To my eyes, your X and Z gridlines, don't look like they could possibly meet up, on the same Horizon Line?
    I can see some convergence happening on the Z lines. But the X lines look real parallel to me. And it could definitely effect the accuracy of a lot of the Figure elements you want to nail down, later..

  6. Rich: Good note. Especially if you are going to throw in backgrounds and props. Then you really want to work out that perspective. Personally I would still wait to a second stage to work out the perspective, but that's because I might do 20 thumbnails like this before I picked one to finish and I don't want that weight on my shoulders. I like as much freedom as possible. Again, everyone should try it both ways and see what they like. Some people might feel like it's a weight off their shoulders to have good perspective right away.

  7. I'm not that different, really.. I "fix" the sketches that I like, post-facto. I've never been a big Thumbnailer, however.
    When I get rolling with a sketch I really like, I usually give it a Perspective acid-test, halfway thru.. Just to see if it's something worth going full-bore on, to completion.

  8. Great info on this blog, I'll definitely be coming back!