Tuesday, January 26, 2010

getting a new view

So, I don't have time to do any demos, as my comic deadline is looming. So I figured I'd just post my work as I do it. It makes my life much easier to completely figure out a design (straight on, profile, and color) before I start drawing the pages. This is pretty final, next I'll do the girl and the snake. Now I can refer to my model sheet. I try to keep the same basic construction and proportion for the comic, but hopefully push the shapes around for poses. I don't slide the model sheet under for the final page (mainly because I feel like it would be cheating), but I know many great artist who do (especially in animation).


  1. this is really useful. thanks again and again and again for posting your techniques and insights. Very grateful.

  2. this is a great website...you should write a book.