Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some good shape design and construction examples

These DWD model sheets were done by the great Toby Shelton, currently a storyboard artist on the movie I'm on. He is one of the best draftsmen at the studio. He really should start his own blog. (wink wink.) These are some of the best examples of construction I have ever seen.

Here is an example of good "big shape" design.


  1. I've just stumbled on your blog and I have to say thank you so much!

  2. Hmm. Interesting! Those Darkwing Duck ones especially - I've been trying to construct non-standard faces, and ducks like that are a great example of something really non-human (their bills), nevertheless drawn skillfully enough to portray actual human emotion. Would you by any chance have a model sheet of Gosalyn as well? I remember she had quite a few of her own unique expressions.

  3. Gabo, Chelsea: thanks.

    B: Sadly no.