Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where the disney nose comes from

It's always good to go look at the real thing. If you just learn the shortcuts, you're trapped. You won't know how those people got the shortcuts in the first place. then, you can't go beyond it and make your own shortcuts.


  1. first of all i would like to say that i really enjoy you blog it is very informative. please note that you post are well received. thank you.


  2. I saw you are teaching a class .. I may have to get in on that, you are seriously a keg of great knowledge and technique.. awesome stuff man... keep it up! I'll keep reading and learning

  3. Again with the awesome! Thanks Rad. These are really helping to get my head around these concepts

  4. Rad, you don't draw the structure when you draw right? only when doing studies? These are great by the way.


  5. Gcastro: I only draw it if I'm stuck or having trouble with something. Once you get more comfortable you can just put the shortcuts down and sort of see the structure in your head. Again, the most important part is the shape and proportion and sometimes if you are focusing on structure, you can forget about those.